How well do you know 2017 songs?

( PLEASE READ)Hi peeps! It's Hi again, back with another quiz. Now today's quiz is about how well you know your pop songs from 2017. Now, I hope you have fun!!!!!!!

(PLEASE READ)Now I will tell you a small disclaimer, depending on your family. It has words in it like God, dang it, a and an abbreviation of a bad word. Now without further a due, let's play!

Created by: Hi

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  1. Hi
  2. "You made me a ______"
  3. Look what you made me do was made by...
  4. "I'm in love with ______"
  5. Who made despacito?
  6. My little _______
  7. "Baby I'm ______"
  8. Jdueijfudskdmcusjnccusksjchdjjwjdjjdjdjjdjdjjddjdjjddjd---cjnehfnmfmjahdhfueusmnfhdjjdmccmjcjccm
  9. "I can give a thousand ______"
  10. Bye!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know 2017 songs?