How well do you know 100percent?

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This quiz is about the KPOP boy band 100percent (100%). Their fandom name is PERFECTION (denotes that with the presence of 100% fans, they are a perfect combination together)

Are you sure you know them? for real? in 100%? In this quiz, you'll know if you really know 100percent and if you can be called "PERFECTION". We hope you will have fun! Thank you!

Created by: 100percent

  1. When 100Percent debuted?
  2. When 100Percent celebrated their 400 days after debut?
  3. What is the name of 100Percent fandom?
  4. When was 100percent 1st All 100% show?
  5. When Minwoo enlisted?
  6. When Minwoo will completes his military service?
  7. Who among the names listed above is the main vocalist?
  8. who is the tallest member in 100Percent?
  9. Who are the members of 100% V sub-unit?
  10. Who come first?
  11. What is the name of the first single of 100Percent?
  12. What is the name of the company that 100Percent signed to?
  13. Who was former member of Jumper?
  14. In which music program 100Percent made their official debut performance?
  15. When announced 100Percent's official fanclub name?
  16. This date 29.04, who is birthday?
  17. What is 100% V single name?
  18. Who is Che Che?
  19. Who is the Ulzzang in 100percent?
  20. How many years Rokhyun was a trainee?
  21. Who has beatboxing skills?
  22. Who is the one who got hurt a lot?
  23. From where Hyukjin come?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know 100percent?