how well do u know my past???

alot of people say they know you....but do they really???? in this quiz ive brought up questions of my past to see how well you know me and my past....

now its time to prove me you really do know about my past and about me and what i go through or what i have went through....prove you really do know me....its up to you

Created by: Shadys Angel

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  1. was i ever raped????
  2. if yes then did i know my rapist
  3. was i ever sexually assaulted???
  4. what color is my hair??
  5. what color are my eyes??
  6. if you said yes to me being sexually assaulted did i know the person who did it??
  7. did i ever have to go to counceling??
  8. if yes did i ever get the help i deserved in counceling??
  9. have i ever gone to court??
  10. if yes on that last question was i told that i could choose the fate of the defendent??
  11. if yes did they follow through with what i wanted the defendent to have to do??
  12. can i speak spanish??
  13. do i have a rough home life??
  14. do i have a boyfriend on here??

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