How well do u know Merlin?

I'm a Merlin fan, I love this series so much and I decided to make one quiz. English is not my first languege so I'm sorry for my spelling mistakes. This quiz is for Merlin's fans. I didn't really know what questions to put so this quiz is very easy!

This quiz might be easy but are you a real Merlin fan? Find out by doing this quiz! You can text me on Instagram ( my user is @merlin.arthur.fp ). I hope you like my quiz! Have fun!

Created by: Elina
  1. What is Arthur's last name?
  2. Who killed Arthur?
  3. Did Uther marry a troll?
  4. Did Arthur marry Gwen?
  5. What is Merlin's mother name?
  6. Does Merlin die?
  7. What is the symbol of Camelot?
  8. Who killed Morgana?
  9. How's Morgana's half sister?
  10. What did Merlin do with Arthur's dead body?

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