How well do u know me?

So i was really bored and i decided to make a quiz to see if people really knew me. there pretty easy yet stupid questions but it kept me entertained for awhile.

so do you really think you know me? hmmm..i dunno my quiz is pretty hard!! just kidding, its actually kinda stupid lol. but we'll just have to wait and see how well u really know me.

Created by: Justina

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  1. Easy question. How old am i?
  2. What other state have i lived in?
  3. What is my dogs name?
  4. What is my boyfriends name?
  5. What kind of car do i have?
  6. What did i get surgically removed?
  7. What grade was i in when i got them removed?
  8. Name my family...
  9. About how long have me and Jake been going out?
  10. When is my birthday?
  11. How long have me and Alicia been best friends?
  12. What is my favorite drink?
  13. How many times have i been to disneyland?
  14. whats my favorite color?
  15. What are a few of my fears?
  16. whos my favorite superhero
  17. What do i wanna be when i grow up?
  18. what do i wish we had?
  19. am i in love?
  20. How old was i when i moved to cali?
  21. What city/state was i born in?
  22. What was my first dogs name?
  23. What was my favorite thing to play with when i was little?
  24. whats my favorite animal?
  25. whats the farthest away from home that ive been?

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