How well did you complete Day One of the Webquest?

"How well did you complete your objectives during day one of the rainforest? Did you follow all the directions? Were all members taking full responsibility for their roles? I have designed a quiz to answer these questions and more."

"Are you ready to move on? Do you have the brainpower to solve this rainforest mystery? Until now you could only hope or wonder...what if....could I...should I? In just a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: Amilicia Science Webquest of Rainforest Webquest
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  1. What was the name of the first character in the secret meeting?
  2. A Botanist studies...
  3. The climate of a rainforest is usually...
  4. Arc stands for...
  5. What is the longitude of Mauritius?
  6. What is the capitol of Mauritius?
  7. The latitude of Mauritius is located _______ the equator.
  8. What is the number one crop of Mauritius?
  9. Which of the following places is located West of Mauritius?
  10. The third layer of the rainforest from the bottom up is...

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