How vegan are you?

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Ever wondered if you were even slightly vegan? This is the quiz for you!!! It tells you exactly how vegan friendly you eat! You could be surprised by the results!

This quiz asks you questions about what foods you would eat in a certain situation. It also asks about whether you look into what you consume in those situations.

Created by: Cole

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  1. Choose a snack:
  2. Choose a breakfast:
  3. Choose a dinner:
  4. Pick a dessert:
  5. What would you most likely have for lunch?
  6. How often do you check the ingedients when shopping for food?
  7. What pop would you choose to bring to a party?
  8. pick a candy:
  9. Do you search for ingredients before going out to eat?
  10. pick a beverage:

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Quiz topic: How vegan am I?