How tank are you?

Some people are tanks, they handle the big weights and run the show. Tanks have more power than a dodge pick up truck and people don't want to start something with them because they know that they will get squished into dust.

ARE YOU A TANK? Or are you just a twiggy person who thinks that they are the toughest thing in the world for some weird reason? Well TAKE THIS QUIZ and find out HOW TANK YOU REALLY ARE!!!

Created by: tiz

  1. How much do you bench?
  2. How thick is your neck?
  3. How much Dole would you say you drink in one day?
  4. Do you eat your beef?
  5. Describe your arms
  6. Ever send someone flying?
  7. Have you seen the longest yard?
  8. Do you break stuff by accident?
  9. What does fred flintstone say?
  10. Do you have traps as in the muscle?

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Quiz topic: How tank am I?