How Suicidical Are You?

Lots of people say: i want to die ore my life sucks! but.. do they mean it ( you better find out, cause when they mean it you gotta help them with feeling good! )?? Buteven more: DO YOU MEAN IT? you know that allready i guess, but still.. Take the quiz, it can help!

How suicidical are you? Not at all ore totaly? Find Out! I have really great tips for every answer you can get so what are you waiting for? This quiz can maybe help you! I made it myself, so don't panic if the answer isn't right, You know how you are, i'm just saying what i'm thinking and i'm just traying to help :)

What is your age?
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What is your gender?
Pain is..
The only thing I have
Not good for my happy life
flirting with death
my life
something one of these days i will stop myself
Far from me :)
Suicide is ..
Something i want, but can't have ( i'm to scared)
Something i'm going to do
Shut-up! Ur messing up my world of happiness
the knowing you can stop this all
Death is..
NOO!! I'm happy I'm alive, shut up about death!
I'm about to find out soon!!
somethin I really want, but can't have
The way i feel
The end, finally
I like Black ...
When it's trendy
Cause it makes me feel safe/home
cause I like it, Duh
HATE IT!! Because it reminds me about how i feel
Hate it cause i'm a happy person
Yess i do, but i'm happy, trust me!
People call me that way!
Yeah, i know i'm like that, i can't help it!
Emoticons?? Those Happy faces on my MSN space, yeah
This quiz is..
A way to pass time
stuppid cause i know i'm suicidical
something that's not good for my good life, all those words like death and stuff, thats bad
I feel..
Death coming closer
I'm fake because
My smile isn't real
I'm real, and thats not good
My Gucci bag isn't real!!
I'm happy and i say i'm not
I'm real, Thank God!!
People think i'm..
Happy, they're right
Happyn they're wrong
sad, they're right
sad, they're wrong
better death, i don't agree with them
better death, i agree
Is this a good quiz?

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