How stealthy are you?

A lot of people think they're stealthy. But sometimes, or more likely, most of the time, this is not so true. Test your stealth authenticity on this quiz right now.

Are you as stealthy as you think? This quiz determines your answer, and is very accurate. Questions you may think are pointless have just the same impact. Good luck!

Created by: Condor

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  1. Roleplay time: Your money has just been stolen by a notorious gang, and you vow to get it back. They are in urban territory, where the walls are close, but distant. What weapon do you use?
  2. New environment: You are in flat, open terrain with almost zero cover. Your assassination target is a man driving a car to a mansion. The terrain is full of tall grass and green grass. What is your method of attack?
  3. It is night time, and you are trying to infiltrate a mansion to rescue a scientist. Guards are everywhere, but you still have many options. None maintain full stealth, but they work. What do you do to get through?
  4. You are about to duel with an armoured mercenary with a M16 assault rifle. You north immediately take cover, and after sneaking about, you lose sight of him, and he loses sight of you. But then you see him checking his rifle behind cover. Your mission is to take him out, dead or alive.
  5. Your hair colour is...
  6. In a stealth operation, what clothes would you normally wear? Be honest.
  7. What is your eye colour? This can reflect on your personality and judge your patience, thinking and personality.
  8. What's your main race?
  9. How often do you shower? Can't have enemies smell you.
  10. What is your favourite stealth game out of these?

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