How Sporty are you

There are a lot of winners around the world who are very very sporty! Usian Bolt, the fastest man in the world... is basically a example for you.You could be the fastest person in the world one day too.Take this QUIZ!

Are YOU very sporty? Do you have enough strength to take on the Olympics?But thanks to this AMAZING QUIZ,In just a few minutes you will find out! !!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Anisha Bullock

  1. What Sport are you most addicted to?
  2. Male or Female?
  3. Which Sport do you enjoy the most?
  4. What Sports clothes would you wear?
  5. How Strong are you?
  6. Do you think you will make it to the Olympics if you LOVE running
  7. How much do you like watching TV
  8. How big are your feet
  9. Do You like this quiz
  10. Age....

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Quiz topic: How Sporty am I