How spoiled are you?

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Are you spoiled? or are you really good at self-control and responsibility? try out this 10-question quiz to see if you got the rots or not! filler text

just pretend you didnt this because GTQ minimum count is really stupid so expect a reaaaallly long useless paragraph here and it's close to minimum word count, oh yay it's here, enjoy the quiz!

Created by: MRDofficial
  1. How rich is your family? (you included)
  2. Have you ever desired to buy everything that you saw?
  3. How long do you use social media?
  4. What's your budget on buying things?
  5. Do you have a sugar daddy/mommy?
  6. Will you do anything just to have it your way?
  7. Did you have your own bank account before 18?
  8. What kind of house are living in right now?
  9. Did your parents treat you like a baby even though you have reached 13+ of age?
  10. What does your bedroom look like?

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Quiz topic: How spoiled am I?