How Social Are You?

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People talk, it's in their nature. But, some people don't talk very much or to many people. Some people are the opposite. This quiz will determine whether you're a true social butterfly, or a loner (Not that there's anything wrong with that).

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Created by: Nikki_Knox
  1. How many friends would you say you have? Remember, family and random people you never talk to don't count.
  2. How often do you approach people for conversation?
  3. When speaking to people, the other person may describe you most as:
  4. During conversation, how often would you say you smile or laugh?
  5. How open and/or outgoing are you with other people?
  6. On a scale of one to ten, how interesting would you say you are in conversation?
  7. How many different people do you talk to per day (on average, you might be having a slow day today)?
  8. Would you call yourself the life of a party?
  9. How long do you usually go without any human contact?
  10. Would you consider yourself social?
  11. Click on the smiley that best represents your personality.
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Quiz topic: How Social am I?