How Smart Are You?

I made this quiz because people wanted to know how smart they truly are. After you take this quiz, in a matter of minutes you will walk away knowing how smart you really are.

Do you know how smart you are? This was the question I asked myself when I decided to make a quiz, so people can know how smart they really are. Take this quiz and in the matter of minutes you will know how smart you are.

Created by: Awesome
  1. What is 15x9?
  2. What year did Michael Jackson die?
  3. Which word means cute butterfly in Spanish?
  4. What day is Valentine's Day?
  5. What does this pig Latin word mean in English: isthay esttay isyay awesomeyay
  6. When was hello kitty born?
  7. Which state was Martin Luther King assassinated in?
  8. What is an otters home called
  9. What is the top selling spice in the world?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Smart am I?