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There of bunches of smart people but there are not many geniuses. a genius is someone extraordinarily clever and can solve even the most complex problems.

are you a genius? take this quiz to find out if you.have what it takes to be included in the small group of people in the world that can truthfully be called a genius.

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  1. Where is super enduro 2015 ending?
  2. A man on the street can make 1 cigarettes out of every cigarette butts. Without this information how many cigarettes can he make out of 72 cigarette butts?
  3. If you must choose the best example of an abiotic factor which one is best?
  4. what is my mothers age if she was born in 1962 if it is 2093?
  5. What is the brand Tork sell?
  6. If I am 14 what grade will I be in next year if I was born in january?
  7. What month is the 90th month starting in January?
  8. what is 91th month using information from other question?
  9. what was the answer to the 1st question?
  10. how many questions tops can you make?

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