How smart are you?

Theres alot of people out in the world who know alot of thing -Nerds-But its not actually bad being a know it all.Dont you eer wonder about the world biggest facts?Now youll now ifyou take this test!

Are YOU a world expert? Do you know every living fact? Dont you ever wonder what it would be like to know all the worlds rareist facts?In just a few moments away youll know the things you being itching to know about!

Created by: Debbie

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  1. 3+8x5=
  2. How do you say 4.174 in words?
  3. Amy has 19 toy cars,Zoey has 17,Ryan has 12 & Jake has 8.If Amy gives Zoey 2 toy cars & Jake 3 toy cars how many Cars does Amy have Left?
  4. Yaing has 4 Pet Bird & 7 Pet Fish.If 3 of Yaing fish died,2 of his birds died & 1 flew away how how many does he have left?
  5. 3+5+3+3+7+5+1=
  6. What dinosaurs are still alive?
  7. Yellow,Green,Red,Purple,Blue,Orange. What color is missing?
  8. Spell this correctly: I'n aa swartt persam.
  9. What do they use to make candle lighting?
  10. What dog is legendary to a Queen?
  11. Is bigfoot real?
  12. What was the first question i asked you?
  13. What was the last question i asked you?
  14. When milk is bad it goes..
  15. What is the most common thing people feed their Ginea Pigs?
  16. What time of day should you water your plants?
  17. Can snakes get afraid of you?
  18. Do you think the movie "2012" is real?
  19. What is the first letter i said?
  20. Do you think Singers waist their precious time on their computer?

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Quiz topic: How smart am I?