How smart are you?

Are you smart? Take this short quiz to discover your true intelligence level! Are you a genius, a dummy, or so-so? What are you waiting for? Find out!

This quiz isn't hard. Any old middle schooler could answer these questions. However, many people tend to forget things...or might not have learned them in the first place. Can you answer these questions?

Created by: Lillian
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  1. What is 12 times 12?
  2. Name a synonym of "shy"
  3. How many books do read a month, on average?
  4. Which of these equations is correct? ( * means multiply and / means divide)
  5. What is magma?
  6. How well are you doing on the questions so far?
  7. Who was the first president?
  8. Which word is spelled correctly?
  9. Who was Sir Issac Newton?
  10. How do find the area of a triangle?
  11. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How smart am I?