How smart are you?

Albert Einstein... Marie curie...Bach..all of the great artists like those are so smart. Have you ever wondered if your smart, moderate, or lucky that you can even read these paragraphs?

Well, with this quiz, you’ll know! [note: if you get 60 percent or something don’t get mad it’s just a quiz. Also FEMM is a band of robotic mannequins.]

Created by: Yeeter pants

  1. What is the goal of FEMM?
  2. What do you give to someone that they never use?
  3. Your grades?
  4. What is a vampire squid?
  5. What am I describing? “She had no experience with anything, as she resembled a teen but had no knowledge.”
  6. “His eyes stared straight ahead, mannequin like, and Kayla knew he could now longer see.”
  7. “Kaylie wasn’t afraid. She was a capable woman. However lightning came down and Kaylie knew she was already gone.”
  8. “Death was calling, and Marie would meet it with open arms. ‘I’m sorry Callie,’ Marie rasped. Tears streamed down callies face as she ran down to the loft. When Callie got down, she found nothing, only Marie’s lifeless body.
  9. Your I.Q?
  10. Is your hand bigger than your face?

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