How Slav are you?

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How Slav are you, find out comrade, are you real Slavophile or skeptic!! fkls;jdfsssssssaoi;fjssaojdfiseurisfjisddfifdfffdfdfdkjsjlaiiiiiiiioraoeirurb

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Created by: Kos
  1. Do you have Slavic blood?
  2. Do you like Slavic folk music?
  3. Do you like hard bass?
  4. Do you Slav squat?
  5. Do you like soviet aesthetic?
  6. You're at a party, what are you drinking?
  7. Do you work all day but you party ol night?
  8. Do you like meat?
  9. I drive how I please
  10. Does law affect you?
  11. Do you know what Slav life is?
  12. Is adidas good clothing?
  13. What do you think about gay people?
  14. Do you take psycho pills?
  15. Do you use protection?
  16. Will you live even after you die?

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Quiz topic: How Slav am I?