How similar are we?

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Heyos! Welcome to my quiz! This quiz is just to see how many interests we share. I have a feeling that many people are just taking his quiz because they're bored but... Have fun anyway?

If you get 100%, good for you! If you get a 0, that's great! This quiz is just for fun and it doesn't matter what you get, cuz' we're all amazing. Have fun!

Created by: YourAverageHerdazian
  1. Okay, first question. Your opinion on reading?
  2. Favorite show out of these?
  3. Favorite book series out of these?
  4. How about Comics?
  5. Sexuality?
  6. Favorite color? (You knew it was coming)
  7. Favorite band?
  8. Just choose one.
  9. What's your opinion on anime?
  10. Hogwarts house
  11. Faction
  12. HG District
  13. Choose an element
  14. How artistic are you?

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