How Screwed up are you on the B Scale?

Many People Are Strange....Many are confused....Many are very screwed up....Now taketh this utmosteth random quizeth and we shall tryeth to determine thy mental sanity

Are you Screwed Up? Do you have the courage to take this quiz? In a moment you shall be judged on the B-scale designed by Doktor Billy J.B of Pfannkuchen University

Created by: Dr. Billy J.B
  1. Do you enjoy hurting people?
  2. If you have borrowed someone money and they refuse to pay back, what do you do?
  3. Lord ******* Blackadder
  4. Read the following "blue blue blue red red red orange orange orange green green". What colour does not fit in here?
  5. If an obese person suddenly stood infront of you and shouted something offensive, what would ye reaction be?
  6. If a magnet is rotating with a speed of 120c/sec at what speed will the 10:20 train to Arlington depart?
  7. Would you name your dog Treblinka?
  8. Do ye like watching Happy Tree Friends?
  9. when you read MOO You think of...
  10. What would you do with a cow...all alone...

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Quiz topic: How Screwed up am I on the B Scale?