How's your personality?

there are lots of people in the world(more than 7,000,000,000!)and as you know,there are different personality's as well.some people are really nice,

some other are so funny,some of them are mean you want to know how's your personality?well this quiz will tell you this!hope you enjoy it!love dragon

Created by: dragon

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  1. so alittle girl is walking,suddenly she fell down and her knee hurts realy bad!
  2. you made your friend sad!
  3. your friend made you mad!
  4. you hate lots of actors and singers!what do you do?
  5. you came back home and you're going to your room.(you're tierd and hungry..)when you open your room and you see all of your stuff broken and your room got so messy!(your lilttle brother did this!)
  6. you're so tierd,your mom yells:"[your name]!come and help me clean the house!"
  7. what's your room's color?
  8. what's your hobby?
  9. how many friends do you have?(true friends!)
  10. hope you enjoy it!i know it was short but...

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Quiz topic: How's my personality?