How Russian are you?

There are many Russians in this world, but not all of them know the things on this quiz!!! What is a true Russian you ask?? Well, I'm glad you asked, and I'll be happy to tell you that a true Russian is someone like you, it is a person who knows things about Russia, and can tell someone facts about Russia. If your friend for instance wants to know a fact, you can tell them right off the top of your head!!!

Are YOU a true Russian? Do YOU have what it takes to survive in Russia?? Until now, you wonder the answers to these questions, but thanks to my Russian quiz, you will soon know if you are a TRUE Russian!!!

Created by: Shaneen
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  1. What does "Narivitsa" mean?
  2. What is "Borscht"?
  3. What is the capital of Russia?
  4. Is Russia located near China?
  5. What does "Prevet" mean?
  6. What is a popular Russian name?
  7. What kind of climate do you prefer...?
  8. What type of climate does Russia have?
  9. True/False. Russia Borders America...
  10. Is Russia a rich or poor country??

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Quiz topic: How Russian am I?