How Rich are you?

This quiz will show how your life is. If you already dont know. It will quiz you on different aspects of your life. Including, cars, vacations, houseing, and how your parents treat you financially.

It will also test what kind of clothes you wear. All these things combined shows how rich you are and what kind of life you live day to day. Take my quiz and find out how your life is.

Created by: Frankie
  1. How many computers do you have in your house?
  2. Do your parents buy your stuff?
  3. What kind of house do you have?
  4. How expensive are your parents cars?
  5. When you get a car, who will pay for it?
  6. How much will your first car cost?
  7. Where do you shop?
  8. Do you get what you want?
  9. How nice is your cell phone?
  10. Where do you go on vacation?

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Quiz topic: How Rich am I?