How Retarded Are You?

How Retarded Are You? Well find out with this hilarious quiz for the mentally handi-capped. Show them that your capable of getting through an entire quiz without washing your hands, so get you helmet on and take the quiz

Are YOU Wee Todded? Look for hints and clues in the answers to get the correct one. Warning: This quiz is extremly funny so put your helmet on before you fall outta your chair!

Created by: Alex
  1. Have you ever made friends with a brick wall?
  2. Did you ever eat a french fry off the bathroom floor?
  3. Have you ever gotten in a fight with a basketball? Did the baskettball win?
  4. Do you wash your hands more than 12 times a day?
  5. Do you wish to be a Lawn Mower Occasionally?
  6. Do you have melted chocolate in your schoolbag and or breifcase.
  7. A duiy duh dada, e yaiy dauy yayuy with na cherries ?
  8. Have you ever tried to stab someone with a spoon?
  9. Is your favorite color Starfish?
  10. Have you ever had hotdogs 6 meals in a row?
  11. Have you made a macaroni picture in the last three days?
  12. Do you think the movie " Rain Man " is an action movie?
  13. Are you used to falling down your stairwell?

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Quiz topic: How Retarded am I?