will you survive a zombie attack

some people dont believe in zombies. i dont but anything is possible and if you do belive then well not offense but its kinda retarded. i was bored and my brother was talking about zombie so i made a quiz about them.

so if you waqnt to know if you will survive world war zombie then take the quiz. i hope you enjoy it even though its retarded well see yea later i let you no if you take another one of my quizes

Created by: Destinee

  1. u wake up and watch the news. and here there is a zombie outbreak u?
  2. u see a zombie outside our house wat do u do
  3. ur house is no longer safe u have to leave chose a vehichle
  4. no matter what u chose in the last question ur gonna need a gun/blunt object to get to it. chose a gun
  5. you find 3 survivors running away from a massive horde you
  6. as ur running away from a horde of zombie a friend gets bite you
  7. did you like this quiz (no effect)
  8. if you chose number 3 on question 9 its cuz in running out of ideas
  9. grenade or machine gun
  10. did you no that questions 9,10,11,and this one has no effect

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Quiz topic: Will I survive a zombie attack