How random are you

It takes more then goofing around to be random. It takes timing it takes skill. Some times it will make you are brake you. Being random helps you with making friends so do you think you have what it takes to be random. Come and see if you do. There is 3 kinds of random in this Quziz

Are you random lets see if you are. If you take my quiz you will know. Who does not wont to be random it will get you some people to hang out with you and be buddys. So lets see if you got what it takes to be random.

Created by: Kaitlyn

  1. Do you flip out when you see sponge bob on tv?
  2. Do you like to dance to the soulja boy song?
  3. Do you think toast is a funny word?
  4. Do you wont or live in Wisconsin?
  5. What animal do you wont to be right now?
  6. count you're toes and tell me how many you have as if now.
  7. Ok a cute boy/girl runs bye he/she is smelling good what do you tell them?
  8. What movie do you like the best?
  9. Do you have a monster in you're bedroom?
  10. What time of day do you spin in a bathroom while singing Marry had a little Lamb.
  11. Have you ever had a peace of pie with you're name on it?
  12. Do you have to name everything thing that you see and you think that if you don't you think it will cry bc it does not know who they are?
  13. have you seen a monkey before?
  14. Have you ever ran into a train going full speed?
  15. A tree fall on you're house what do you do?
  16. You're little sister takes you're i pod and you told you're Mom. You're Mom thinks you lied to her what do you do?
  17. You see Ryan Seaceart at you're school what do you do?
  18. On sunday what time do you get out of you're pjs?
  19. Have you been to jail before?
  20. Do sing in the shower?
  21. Ok last qustion what did you think about this quiz?

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