How random are you?

There are many strange people, but very few freaks, but there are even less random people. So what is a randomer? wellyou can't really explain them as theres way to much or to little to explain!

This test will help you find out if you are the king or queen of the randomers? But first, ask the first person you see and ask them if your random. If they say yes, take this test, If they say no, still take the test! So what you waiting for?

Created by: swagg boss
  1. 1+1=?
  2. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  3. sdrawcab thgirw nac i
  4. 1123581321
  5. loveevolloveevolloveevolloveevolloveevol
  6. mummummummummum
  7. live is evil backwrads!
  8. opriuetyslkajhfdgmbzxbcv
  9. akhreufcbbcgr3euwfbkjdsn
  10. what does a baby eat?

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Quiz topic: How random am I?