How Pulborough are you?

How Pulborough are you? Let's see if it is rubbing off on you..... Is it written through you like a stick of rock or are you trapped here, an innocent victim of circumstances.......

Do you know your Guy Smith from your Guy Harwood? Your White horse from your White Hart? Your Tak from your Lai's? Where the f@*ing post office is this week?? (let me know on that last one)...

Created by: Harry Harris
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  1. where do you fill up your car?
  2. How many fingers do you have on each hand
  3. you walk into Tesco 2 weeks on the trot, you can find what you're looking for...
  4. You want a Chinese takeaway.... Do you
  5. How long have you lived here....
  6. Someone spills your pint.. Do you
  7. where were you when they spilled the pint...
  8. You need to get to London on the train.... Where do you park..
  9. You walk to the St Mary's church.. when you get there you are....
  10. How many times have they moved/closed the post office since you lived here?

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Quiz topic: How Pulborough am I?