How prep are you?

There are many preps, but are you truely one. Preps are the people with all the friends and looks. A prep is someone who is, as some call, plastic. Meaning they don't care about other peoples feelings, only themselves. They think they are all that, but sometimes not all preps are like that. Are you a prep?

Are YOU a prep? Do you have the popularity and stuck-up personality. Well you just have to wait and find out. Just take this quiz to find out how prep YOU are.

Created by: Serena

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  1. You are always worried about how you look.
  2. You shop at abacrombi every time you go to a store.
  3. Finish the sentence. I couldn't live without...
  4. You have a lot of friends.
  5. You have to join a sport or something.
  6. [I had to ask, sorry] Your favorite color is...
  7. You love money and recieving gifts.
  8. Ok. Last question. On a scale of one to ten. Rate this quiz.
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Quiz topic: How prep am I?