Are You an Actual Prep?

In today's society, the word prep has become associated with a great deal of negative connotations and misconceptions. Most have lost sight of what a prep really is.

Do you believe that you are a real prep, or do you even know what a prep is - in just a few minutes, you can be certain. And even if you are not a prep, this quiz will certainly open your eyes to what a prep truly is.

Created by: Mike
  1. The term prep originated from what?
  2. If you saw a prep driving to their high school reunion, where would they most likely be going?
  3. Which Brand is NOT preppy?
  4. Which Sport would a prep most likely take part in?
  5. A prep is getting ready for a day of tennis at the club; which brand would most likely get pulled out of the closet?
  6. Which two words best describe the personality of a prep?
  7. Which of these places would you most likely find a prep vacationing?
  8. Choose:
  9. Where at the mall?
  10. Prep Style is:
  11. Preppies are partial to:
  12. In the closet of just about any prep, you would definitely find:
  13. A prep is most likely to attend:
  14. A prep's collar is:
  15. A favorite past time of Preps is:
  16. Shoes?
  17. Preps are often associated with:
  18. Preps came from _______ and first settled in the _________ region of the United States.

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Quiz topic: Am I an Actual Prep?