How Positive Are You?

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Positive people are normally happy people. It is nice to be a positive person. Negativity is sometimes seen as bad, but you are still the same person.

Are you positive? Or are you more negative? You will NEVER know unless you take this quiz. If you are positive, nice. If you are negative, what the heck.

Created by: Fire_Fairy

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  1. Is school good or bad?
  2. Is the glass half full or half empty?
  3. Love is:
  4. What is your opinion of a good education?
  5. Sleeping is:
  6. Your normal personality is.......
  7. Your dreams are...........
  8. Do you think your parents are 'mean'?
  9. Rate?
  10. Comment? (Okay, I ran out of questions so I had to ask those, sorry)

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Quiz topic: How Positive am I?