How Popular are you in Ever After High?

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How popular are you in my school, Ever After High? Probably a lot! Or kind of! Or not at all! Depends on you and sorry guys it kind of sucks because I ran out of questions!

And! This was all I could come up with! So sorry, guys! I'll try again next time! I hope you like it and enjoy! Please rate and comment! :-P..........

Created by: CA Cupid

  1. How many friends do have?
  2. Do people adore you, do nice things for you, and follow you around like a puppy dog?
  3. Are you nice to everyone?
  4. Which classes are you in?
  5. Are you the president of anything?
  6. Do you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend?
  7. Do people like you?
  8. Do you get along with the teachers?
  9. Do you dress properly and have good hygiene?
  10. Did you ever win homecoming king/ queen or prom king/ queen?
  11. I know this quiz sucked! But this is all I could come up with! Sorry! Last question, do you help people in need?

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Quiz topic: How Popular am I in Ever After High?