how popular are you

If you have trouble thinking your not popular you came to the right place take my quiz to unlick the truth. This quiz will help you to see how to make more friends and what's wrong with you that you need to improve.

Are you popular: do u have lots of friends, do people beg you to be there friends or treat you like a queen well take my quiz to see if its really true and if u really are popular.

Created by: mj

  1. how many friends do you have?
  2. what do you do on the weekends?
  3. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend
  4. where is your dream place to live?
  5. do you go out everyday?
  6. did anyone say to you your pretty cool?
  7. what's your favourite colour
  8. favourite sport
  9. did anyone ever ask you to go out with them?
  10. did anyone ever buy you a gift?

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Quiz topic: How popular am I