Are You Popular ?

In every school you got atleast that one popular boy or popular girl, how do you feel about youself? do you receive extra attention, do you want to confirm if you are popular or not ?

Are you popular? do you think you have what it takes to grab peoples attention and have all the boys and girls all over you ? give the popularity quiz a try then it might be just for you (:

Created by: Zybelle Walters

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. One word that best describes you!!
  2. What do other's think of you ?
  3. Do you have allot of friends ?
  4. Do you get invited to go to party's allot by different people?
  5. Do people mention your name allot in different conversations ?
  6. Are you a good friend ?
  7. How many people say hi to you or ask how your doing ?
  8. Do you find yourself to be attractive?
  9. Pick a word :
  10. Pick a random letter:
  11. Have you ever been popular/ do you want to be popular ?

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Quiz topic: Am I Popular ?