How Parma are you?

Do you know your Cleveland suburbs? about Parma? Parma is the typical American big city suburb...but do you know anything about the city? Are you a Parman?

Come take this quiz. See how much if you actually know anything about this town. Is your knowlege of the town just what you heard from that Drew Carey theme song, Moon Over Parma?

Created by: Chris

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  1. Have you ever worn white socks with sandals?
  2. How would you know the Brid Flu has struck Parma?
  3. What would you find across the street from every church?
  4. Valley Who? Parma What? Invade this! do these mean anything to you?
  5. Do your friends last names all end in 'ski'?
  6. Do you cringe everytime you hear the song Moon Over Parma?
  7. Did you have to think for more than 15 seconds about where they came up with the street name Amrap?
  8. Do you think it is possible to have a Roman, Ukranian, Serbian, Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Ukranian Orthodox, Russian Catholic churches all in one city?
  9. Does the phrase Lake Effect Snow strike fear in your heart?
  10. Is your school, church, hospital, pizza shop and bowling alley all within walking distance of each other?
  11. One more...Is it Soda, Pop or Coke?

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Quiz topic: How Parma am I?