how outdoorsey is Matt Smith really...?

There are many different activities to do in the Outdoors! and they attract a wide range people.. We all have our Favourites ;) My quiz mainly focuses on my Favourite! hehe can you guess what they are!?

But despite what this quiz focuses on, i'm very open minded to the outdoors and i do love most Activities.. even if they aren't as fun and exciting as Snowboarding and Surfing! Have a Crack!

Created by: Lj

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  1. What are the three types of snowboards?
  2. Which is better for the surf?
  3. In snowboarding, Alley-oop is the name of...
  4. When was the first gear changer for bikes invented?
  5. who won the open mens division at the last national climbing competition (2008)?
  6. What is another way to ride a bodyboard?
  7. What snowboarding event was new at the 2006 Winter Olympics held in Torino?
  8. Which Powerpuff girl has the joy and laughter?
  9. If planted Close to your house, which plant will keep ants away?
  10. How are the easiest Slopes on a ski field marked?

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