How nice are you?

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Uhh I think I made this because I'm bored? This quiz is made out of my boredom ps. The choices are dumb if you're here to spend time then gurl we gotcha

Click click how hard can it be? Your choice your result darling there is nothing to worry about besides this is nothing to do with your daily life good luck

Created by: Lilliana
  1. Do you often donates at some charities?
  2. If a kid wants to have your candy, what will you do?
  3. If someone wants you to run some errands or do a favor what will you say?
  4. If someone insults you behind your back. What is your response?
  5. Do you like everyone?
  6. If someone pass out in front of you and you're the only capable one to help what will you do?
  7. Do you hate everyone?
  8. If you found a wallet on the floor what will you do?
  9. ARE YOU BORED?! (me too)
  10. Like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How nice am I?