how nice are you?

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this is a quiz telling you how nice you are using role-play questions. this quiz is directed mostly towards kids, particularly kids in school, but grown-ups, you can take it too, just imagine you are in this situation. if this is totally inaccurate, which I really hope it is not, sorry! this is only my second quiz. the first one was "what is your common personality type" which is arguably better than this one, but maybe not. I'll give you the link... oh no it says "no URLs". I will put a space between each figure. here it is: h t t p s : / / w w w . g o t o q u i z . c o m / w h i c h _ c o m m o n _ p e r s o n a l i t y _ t y p e _ a r e _ y o u ya that is it! by the way, you might notice how the questions are extremely similar, that's because the quizzes are similar too! I hope you still like them though!!!! try to have fun! sorry, the introductory paragraphs on that quiz aren't as interactive!!! :) :P :O

You know how all of these quizzes say stuff like "please rate me with a "great" or a "good"? well, guess what!! I don't care what you rate me! it is actually ridiculous that I am writing so much on these paragraphs because I never read these paragraphs when I'm taking a quiz!!! but if I were me, this is what I would like to read, so that's what I'm writing. by the way, when someone says "if I were you" they are really trying to say "If I were in your position". If I were you, I would be you! and therefore make your decisions! unless we're talking about some creepy brain swap thing.... ok bye!!!!

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  1. someone trips in front of you. you:
  2. you are invited to a party that you don't want to go to. what do you say?
  3. someone invites you to get in on a mean prank. you:
  4. you now have a week-long break! you have just been invited over to a friend's house on the first day. they say that they would like to blackmail-call random numbers, which they think sounds like fun, but they will do whatever. what do you say?
  5. you see someone cheating on the math quiz in front of you. you:
  6. your parent/guardian buys you a brand-new dress/shirt. it is nice, and it probably cost a lot, but it isn't really your style. what do you say? by the way, people, I am not being sexist here. some people prefer shirts and some people prefer dresses. that is not because both genders take this! boys can wear dresses! also, please acknowledge that even though you may like whatever it is in real life, just please pretend you don't for the sake of this quiz!
  7. here's a happy event to send off all that doom and gloom. you are invited to watch a movie you really love. what do you say?
  8. your respective guardian tells you that you have an orthodontist appointment on Wednesday because your teeth aren't straight and that can cause problems in the future. how do you react?
  9. your teacher tells you how she saw you cheating on a test, even though you didn't. she has assigned you detention tomorrow! what do you do?
  10. a kid comes up to you on the playground and tells you, "I'm new here. could you be my friend?" what do you say?

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Quiz topic: How nice am I?