How nerdy are you?

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This test will determine whether you are nerdy or not. If you get super nerdy don't fret that just means you are smart and most teachers love you. Have fun!

This test will help you find out how others see you as nerdy, stupid, jock, emo!!! Remember being a nerd is not a weakness it is a strength because you have amazing possibilities!!!

Created by: Gadiel Martinez
  1. What is you favorite subject in school
  2. What's your style
  3. how would people describe you
  4. How do you describe yourself?
  5. Do you like studying
  6. Do you get excited when it's time to go to school?
  7. Do you like your teachers?
  8. Do you like reading for fun?
  9. Do you hate when there is no school?
  10. What do you like more?

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Quiz topic: How nerdy am I?