how much you know about websites

this is the quiz that will aware you about some websites which you needed many times but because of lack of knowledge you have not make that....just take it and gain knowledge

are you a real genius at the web ?? if you are then take this quiz and test your actual knowledge about the websites which are most popular in th e world.

Created by: pushpendra singh

  1. facebook is which type of site ?
  2. what in actual classified sites are for ?
  3. at what can you show to the whole world ?
  4. The best .....
  5. The Best earn money online site is...
  6. where you can create your website for free ?
  7. which is world best classic auction site ?
  8. which is world's best encyclopedia ?
  9. which among these sites provides free mail system ?
  10. world best video sharing site ?

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