How much you know about Selena Gomez?

Do you think you are a true selenator? chek out this quiz and find out your score don't forget that selena love all her fans and if you want to be selenator you have to support her all the time Good luck!

Thank you so much for taking this quiy and don't be mad if you had a low score we did not born selenators we build our brains to be selenators leave your comment and good luck

Created by: Mariem

  1. What is Selena's middle name?
  2. When is selena's birthday?
  3. When is selena's birthday?
  4. What is her last song name? (2015)
  5. Who is her crush?
  6. Complete the lyrics: I just wanna look good...
  7. Which movie selena don't star in?
  8. What is selena's mom name?
  9. What is selly's vavorite color?
  10. what is the name of the song that she cry everytime when she sing it?
  11. The last question.. who is selena's bff? (2015)

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