how much you know about johnny depp?

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i'm sure that you all heard of the name "johnny depp" and you all know that he's so famous and he's an actor!some of you(okay!lots of you!)saw his movies!

do you wanna know how much you know about this hollywood super star?if your answer is yes,so take this quiz right now!!!hope you enjoy it!bbyyeee!!!!!!

Created by: dragon

  1. when did johnny born?
  2. in wich year,johnny playd in, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"?
  3. how many sister and brothers does he have?
  4. who was his mother's second husband?
  5. how old was he when his mom gave him a guitar for a gift?
  6. what was johnny's dream befor acting?
  7. johnny married with Lori Anne Allison at.....
  8. in the "sleepy hollow"movie,depp playd as...
  9. what's the name of his daughter?
  10. when did she born?
  11. what is his son's name?
  12. when did he born?
  13. this quiz is finish!how was it?

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