How much u like Asians

This test is all about weather u like or dislike Asian people. If you get 0% then you like Asians if you get 100% you really hate Asians so ya that is the test

Do u know weather u like or dislike Asian people if not then take this test this test it here to tell you weather u like the Asians or dislike the Asians

Created by: Sup 1234

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Think they can't open there eyes
  2. Think they come from North Korea
  3. Think they are minorities
  4. Think they all look the same even guys and girls
  5. Think they all love bubble tea
  6. Think they all enjoy Kpop and Jpop even when they don't understand the language
  7. Think they are terrible drivers
  8. Think they all have black hair
  9. Think there parents ban girls from sleepovers, parties at night and outings with boys
  10. Think there moms nag them about there posture
  11. Think they find no shame in slurping
  12. Think they all should learn how to play the violin or piano perfectly to concert level
  13. Think they all talk very loudly

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