how much of me have you seen?

This quiz is for my friends that actually know me. It is on how much of myself i've let them see of me. If you've seen alot, than you're one of my best friends. If you've only seen a little, than you're...probally one of my good friends and if you have seen hardly anything..than..i just met you or am uncomfortable around you.

To my friends: TAKE IT PLEASE!!! To those who arn't my real-life friends: take if you want. If you are wondering...why i am writing all this descriptive stuff about my quiz that is later esplained, it's cause these two paragraphs had to be 150 charachters..(or something like that) :) <33

Created by: Ashleigh

  1. Do i look at your eyes when i talk to you?
  2. how much do i talk around you?
  3. have you ever seen me cry?
  4. have i ever told you a secret?
  5. have i ever yelled really loud in front of you?
  6. have i ever looked like crap in front of you (and not cared)? (it's ok to say i did!!!)
  7. have you heard me sing?
  8. have you seen me dance?
  9. have i ever offered to give you a hug??
  10. have i ever told you i loved you?

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