How much of a vampire are you?

There are a lot of movies about vampires, but are there any vampires actually out there? Maybe not but there might be people out there who are a lot like a vampire. Take this Quiz to see how much of a vampire you are.

How are you like a vampire? You can finally find out with this quiz. Haven't you ever wondered if you were like a vampire? Take this quiz now and see if your a lot like a vampire. The results may surprise you.

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  1. How pale are you?
  2. Theoretical Question: Someone gets hurt. What do you do?
  3. How much do you like meat?
  4. Do you have sharp teeth?
  5. In gym class, how long are you able to run without stopping?
  6. Do you wear glasses?
  7. How much can you bench?
  8. Are you aggressive?
  9. How much do you weigh?
  10. Do you wish you were a vampire?

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Quiz topic: How much of a vampire am I?