how much of a nerd r u?

there are so many people in the world that call people nerds have they thought to them selves that they might be a nerd?take this quiz and see if you are a nerd and if your a nerd and i know you[ would you do my homework](just playing)

do you really think your cool than take this quiz and in a few questions you will see your results...and can you post them...that will maybe make you feel better sorry for what answer you get

Created by: kayla
  1. which one is spelled right
  2. if your coming home from school what will you do
  3. do u do ur homework everyday?
  4. what grade r u in
  5. will u do a 10 paragraph essay for homework,school work,never
  6. does your parents check your homework?
  7. do you like reading books
  8. do u read books over the summer if you dont what do u do
  9. do u like justin bieber
  10. r u ready for the results
  11. will u rate,it plllleeeeeaaaaasssseeee

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