How Much Of A Grammar Freak Are You?

Grammar Nazi... What does that mean? A grammar Nazi, grammar freak, grammar police, whatever you want to call us, is someone who truly loves proper spelling, punctuation, and wording. It's someone who truly hates stupidity, and who adores intelligence.

Are you one of them? Do you flip out when someone says "YOUR cool"? Does the improper use of punctuation irk you? Well, take this quiz to see if you really are a Grammar freak or not.

Created by: OswinOswald
  1. Is English your first language?
  2. Do u have a prob wit dis qwestion?
  3. How about this one is there a problem with it?
  4. What is you're biggest pet peeve?
  5. Do yhu use kawaii texting lyke this? ^-^
  6. How important is proper grammar to you when choosing whether you like someone or not?
  7. Was there a problem with the previous question?
  8. Not shure what else to ask...
  9. Well i guess after this one i have to ask one more and then that's it i guess cause i have to have 12 questions
  10. Last question! Yay! So, how did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Much Of A Grammar Freak am I?