How Much Of A Fairy Tail Fan Are You?

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This is about the ANIME Fairy Tale (not the manga) to see how much you actually know about it. So don't take this if you haven't watched it.

Fairy Tail is the Best Anime/Show ever. Period. You may think you know fairy tail, but go ahead and take this to find out how much you really know. By mu standards anyways.

Created by: scraggles

  1. What kind of animal is Happy
  2. What kind of magic does Lucy use
  3. What is Loke
  4. What was Erza as a child
  5. Which are the real dragon slayers in fairy tail
  6. What is Grey and Leon's teacher's name
  7. What are the Team Shadow Gear's members
  8. What is the Black Wizard's name
  9. Who is not a guild master
  10. How long did the majority of the fairy tale guild disappear
  11. What is a love triangle
  12. (This does not count) Who do you ship

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Quiz topic: How Much Of A Fairy Tail Fan am I?