How much of a cyber-noob are you/

There are many internet users, and my god I mean A LOT. But few internet pros, are you a noob? Do you still use internet explorer and Myspace? Find out NOW!

What is an internet noob? An internet noob is somebody who is very new to the world wide web, most of the time a kid. But hopefully you're not a noob, anyway who reads on this far for crying out loud?

Created by: rotflmaster

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  1. What internet browser do you use?
  2. Do you ever waste your time on the "free deals" that win you things like free iPads?
  3. Do you play on flash game sites like Armor Games and Notdoppler?
  4. What's your favorite social networking site?
  5. True or false, you pay for music?
  6. How many hours a day do you spend on the internet?
  7. Somebody emails you a mysterious link, to click or not to click?
  8. Speaking of emails, what email service do you use?
  9. How many subscribers do you have on Youtube?
  10. Ok thanks for taking my quiz, please rate and comment before you leave. Have a good one!

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Quiz topic: How much of a cyber-noob am I/